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No man, at first I thought he was VC. Then after a day or so, I thought that he may not be VC. But after seeing these last few threads by him, I now know that, in fact, he IS VC. There is no way in hell that VC could stay away for this long, NO way. And with the way he knows everyone so well, and their recent personalities it just makes sense, perfect sense. See, people's personalities change afer awhile, but he seems to be up to date on everyone, and how everyone acts. So even if he wants to claim that he was from the ezboard ISH, he seems to know everyone quite well at this point, even the new guys. He has been whoring it up, so much to the point that it's become quite obvious that he's either another Romo account (which I highly doubt), or VC (Bingo!). That is all.
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