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Default Re: Jacque Vaughn hired as head coach for the Orlando Magic

Originally Posted by knickscity
Jackson's longtime agents Todd and Brian Musburger said the Magic had never made contact with them about the 11-time NBA championship-winning coach, while an source said the team was not interested in hiring him.

"One, Phil never voiced any interest in Orlando, never had us check it out, never checked it out himself," Todd Musburger said. "Two, Orlando never called."

I agree with your point on the rebuilding part though, there is alot of luck involved with that.

reports were also out that Martins never wanted to have a President who wont be in Orlando 24/7....

after that report this report came save face i guess....

I would have still hired PJ to earn some credibility with Howard and then ask him to stay....

I bet Dwight dont have the balls to yell/shout at pj if PJ went to meet with him
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