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Default Re: yi''s boss says if yi isnt traded, Yi will be back in china

Originally Posted by FPower
Interesting analogy you came up with, but I can use it to prove the other side of the argument just as easily.

So the new guy interviews and demands not to work for a certain branch in the company. In return the company says, "Sorry, the only only position we have available is in the Milwaukee branch. Take it or leave it." That's basically the Yi situation. He hasn't been hired yet at all, he needs to decide how badly he wants to work for this company. (NBA)

It's up to him, and I honestly wouldn't have any problem with him if he decided that the NBA isn't for him after all. But don't negotiate through the media, it always makes you look like a *****.
I have no problem with the NBA saying "we don't have any openings, take Milwaukee or leave it". Yi's reps will prob be like yeah I think we'd rather go make more money in China.

And the whole analogy becomes fuzzy as to which is the actual "company", the NBA or the milwaukee bucks because the NBA isn't the ones who "hired" Yi. It was the Milwaukee bucks who chose to do so.

Maybe this would be a better analogy. Yi's entering the draft his Yi posting an ad in the local newspaper about him looking for a job, his qualificaitons, his asking pay, and the other stuff he's looking for in an employer. Milwaukee, a company that doesn't fit Yi's ad, calls in anyways and tries to hire him. Can you blame Yi for not wanting to go to work for them?

Anyways, I'm starting to think that no proper analogy is going to really work a perfect fit into the situation let's just drop 'em.
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