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Default Re: yi''s boss says if yi isnt traded, Yi will be back in china

Originally Posted by EricForman
WTF is with all these "work analogies" implying the new guy has a choice.

In the real world, if you're a new guy looking for a job, you will do whatever the company tells you to. If you don't like it, you only have ONE CHOICE-- DON'T WORK THERE. You have no choice to make demands or say "switch me to another place/another desk/another co worker" whatever.

The NBA Draft works that way, I don't see WHAT SO EVER why it is acceptable for soeone to enter the draft but then make demands and say he wouldn't play for a certain team that drafts them.

The only right thing Yi can do is play in Milwaukee or go play in China. He should not have been asking to be traded elsewhere.

But the situation wasn't Yi saying he'd rather play in China. The situation is he WANTS TO PLAY IN THE NBA BUT HE WANTS TO PLAY FOR A SELECT NUMBER OF TEAMS. He's making the demands here, get it? Only recently has it been revealed that he would rather stay in China than Milwaukee, the first few weeks he just said he wanted to be traded.

With all these work analogies... in reality it usually works that in a company with multiple branches you get to choose which ones you'd like to work for. Like I was offered a job last year in Alabama with the choices to work in Birmingham, Mobile, Huntsville, Dothan. They wanted me, I chose what I chose, and that's it. Those were the only choices because those were the only places they had a company. Just like in the NBA they have their "branches" and Yi is obviously a player or employee the company wants to promote and showcase and just like the free agents in the NBA that get to choose, he has decided to limit where he'd like to go. Hell the NBA even used him to help hype the draft.

Sure all the free agents went through the same thing, but they were just happy to be instant millionaires and wanted to go anywhere to get as much as they could. Yi wants to go where he'll feel most comfortable. I don't see much difference from this and a player demanding to be traded. Teams often grant those wishes because they know it is a waste to keep a player that doesn't want to be there. Just like if the Lakers don't fix their team, Kobe will ultimately be out of there. May not be this offseason, but he'll be gone
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