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Default Re: So liberals, tell me why cops didn't prevent this?

Originally Posted by StocktonFan
...Do a little research yourself, simply google 'liberal stance on gun control' and maybe you will get an understanding of their stance - completely anti-gun, government loathing yet blaming blood suckers is what they are. People who cannot provide for themselves and want a government bailout. Oh Obama, help me, i need this, this and that. I can't afford it but maybe you can pull some more money out of that 16T debt to cover my lazy food stamp, disability claiming ass.
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seriously... the 2nd amendment is almost completely irrelevant to anything at this point. at the time it was passed, guns were effectively different items. that is, the invention of pin-firing multiple round guns in the 1800's instantly turned the 2nd in to yet another obsolete law which meant one thing on paper and a completely different thing in reality.

i think a fairly brief study of the framers of the constitution and the founders of this country gives the clear impression that those folks would consider the current situation borderline insane and not remotely what they ever intended.

when that amendment was passed, guns were clumsy, extremely slow-loading, and unreliable. their main use was in hunting and military operations. from my impression of history, very little citizen-on-citizen violence took place with guns as the main weapon involved.

i don't think there's a chance in hell that the founders intended a healthy society of people walking around with what are essentially high-tech military weapons... neither criminals at large nor homeowners seeking to protect themselves.

so in my mind it all boils down to what is practical here and now, not twisting obsolete laws to one's personal advantage. the basic problem as i see it is that guns are completely out of control in this country, but where do you even begin to try to dial it all back? gun ownership (leading to powerful lobbying) is just too ingrained in the psyche of the country to change very easily, or at all. so everyone's left to do what lifeforms always do in these situations, which is to take part in an arms race. property owners versus burglars and holdup men, gang and mob warfare, people getting crazy and deciding to act out in new and interesting ways... etc etc.

so how do you disentangle modern life from itself? i'm not sure that you can in the modern case of gun rights in the USA.
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