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Default Re: So liberals, tell me why cops didn't prevent this?

Originally Posted by Nanners
These days pretty much anyone can buy a crazy gun at a gun show for like $500, but it doesnt really matter because modern tyranny has things like predator drones and they wont be stopped by a murican with an assault rifle.

I've thought about that a lot. The first thing is, I don't think it matters that a revolution would fail, that doesn't change the principle. But also, I don't think it would necessarily fail. Because you're talking about a situation where American soldiers would have to kill American citizens- and not always with a drone. There would be soldiers on the ground too. And if the opposing citizens are firing back at them with assault rifles, it becomes dangerous. And I think that could weaken the will of the soldiers, who may be morally conflicted to begin with.

It wouldn't be easy for them to kill American citizens morally.. but with the added threat of being killed by them.. I think it could have the effect of just awakening their conscience.

In ANY EVENT, let's hope that never happens in our life time and we can find answers peacefully

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