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Default Re: So liberals, tell me why cops didn't prevent this?

Originally Posted by gigantes
right right, yea... yup.

really, i have a bad habit of giving away starting points to other debaters too easily. it feels like a courtesy to their reasoning ability, but is probably just laziness on my part. i had forgotten about the militia angle, and just assumed for the sake of the OP that the 2nd amendment neatly covered all the gun enthusiasts' needs.

and i just read this in the WP summary of the 2nd:

but... just as recently as 2008???

im not trying to debate against your points, just saying it doesnt make sense to me that people like OP say things like "liberals oppose the second amendment because they want to control guns" while the second amendment doesnt say anything about guns.

the founding fathers wanted us to "bear arms" so that we could protect our fellow muricans, but today we "bear arms" so that we can protect ourselves from other muricans.
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