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Default Your sneaker/boot shopping cart/wish list

What's on your hit list?

Mine goes as follows for sneakers in my price range that I can afford, whether purchasing it from flightclub or solesupremacy. (Specified order by priority)

1. Hare 7's

2. Boardeaux 7's

3. Legend Blue 11's

4. Carmine 6's

5. Red & Grey 13's

6. Laney 14's

7. Ferrari 14's

8. LeBrons Paisley 12's

That's the list of my must haves for the near future.

My list for the break the bank/can't afford/wait for retail release (No specific order)

1. Concord 11's

2. Bred 11's

3. Gamma Blue 11's

4. Raptor 7's

5. Olympic 7s

6. Flu Game 12's

7. Cherry 12's

8. Taxi 12's

My list for the winter/pick ups I need for every day wear (gym, school commute)

1. Black Helcor Timberlands

2. All black Roshe's

Honorable mentions

3. Hare 1's

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