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Default Re: So Tmac wants back in now?

Originally Posted by WoGiTaLiA1
From the rumours page...

WTF? Is the guy that deluded that he has forgotten what actually happened, I mean I know he lost the plot because he still thinks he is any good, but honestly, he demanded a trade after bitching out on the team for half a season and now he wants back in and it was the GMs fault that he was a total ***** that demanded a trade.

Man I still can't stand the punk. Turned his back and showed his true colours when the chips were down, lowered his own trade value so much that we basically got nothing for him and now he wants back in when he can no longer play.

Please just go away Tmac, you are scum, I remember how it ended even if you can't/wont.

Anyone else got any thoughts?

i wouln'dt mind him back now
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