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Originally Posted by joewait
you sound like a bitter loser. the only way Dirk is soft is if soft=white, in which case you're pathetic and a hater.

You always play the "you're a sore, bitter Suns fan card." It's getting old and it isn't true. I was down on Dirk being a finals MVP candidate all year, talking about how his style of play would never lead a team to a finals because his shot would go cold at some point.

I WAS RIGHT. I said it all year long, I swear, and I got flamed all year. This is before this years playoffs, after the 2005 playoffs where the Suns BEAT the Mavs. Bitter? Why play the bitter card now after I've been saying the same thing for over a year now?

Dirk is soft to me because Diaw, a 6'8'' 215lbs forward routinely pushed him around in the paint on offense. I call him soft after these playoffs because Tim Thomas stepped around him, backed him down and got in his head. Tim freaking Thomas? Brutal. If TT can do that imagine what KG could do. Dirk routinely got made to look like a fool by average PFs.

Dirk owns TT offensively and essentially embarassed him in that regard. Dirk also owns KG in a majority of offensive categories, unfortunately for him KG is 10004304838 times the defender he is. KG's game is also much more geared at a style that would do well in a one on one match.

PS. Dirk even said one on one Nash beat him most of the time. Nash said it was about even when they played. Would you take Nash over KG as well?

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