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Default Re: Dwight Howard's Secret Baby Mama Hope Alexa Releases Workout Pics

Originally Posted by RaininTwos
Nothing worse than trolls who ridicule photos of other posters but are too afraid to post one of their own.

Originally Posted by ihoopallday
This!!! If there's one poster I want to see a pic of, it's LakersReign. I find it pretty sad when dudes sit on here and judge another dudes pic.

INTERNET ETIQUETTE 101: ALL trolls(rrr3) get trolled eventually. What goes around, comes around, so keep cryin' all you(rainintwos/ihoopallday) want. You DON'T have to prove a ******* thing a bunch of strangers on the internet. And if you're(rrr3) online PRETENDING to be some big bada**, and are dumb enough to want to do so, then be man enough to take the consequences. And NOT run away, cryin' like a pathetic little b***h(rrr3).

Oh, and by the way, since the 2 idiots(ranintwos/ihoopallday) above me, are way too ret**ded to get that, let me dumb it down(rrr3): I NEVER said sh*t about my personal life on ISH, therefore, I don't have to prove a damn thing. So....good luck with all that

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