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Default Re: Rate the last movie you watched.

Django Unchained - 9.5/10

I was skeptical about this movie and wasn't impressed by the trailers, read the negative reviews and expected crap, but DAMN Tarantino delivered again. I will never doubt him from now on.

Award worthy performances by 4 different people, didn't know Fox could be so badass. What to expect - the classic sharp, humorous and witty Tarantino dialogue, sweet action sequences with impressive sound effects and display of brutal yet entertaining violence, and AMAZING musical choices. Some of the soundtracks were just perfectly integrated with a scene. Movie had so many "HOLY SHIT I GOTTA REWIND THAT!" moments, it was just a perfect mix of comedy, action, charm and a lot of heart. I will definitely buy it on blu-ray.

Can't wait to see what Tarantino got next, hope he at least makes 2 more movies before retiring, he has said he wants to quit before losing his way and making shit like most Hollywood directors. You can tell he really loves crafting films to entertain the audience.
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