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Default Re: The Clippers of the East?

I just don't see Vinny coming back, but I think he deserves a chance to coach an improved roster. But I don't know how it would all turn out. Let's say he's not the answer at the head coaching position and he ends up being fired sometime during next season or after next season then that'll be half a season or a whole season that will be wasted and force players to get readjusted wit a new coach and new system, etc. So the organization really has to decide if they think they are going to committ to him for a decent period of time. Let's say atleast 3 years or something along those lines. If not, then just let him go at the end of this season. Hire a head coach you see being here for the long term and let him pick his own staff. None of our assistants should be brought back in my opinion.
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