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Default Re: Yes LeBron is a loser and a choker but...

Originally Posted by jlip
I've said this before. This point seems to be lost with all of the attention on Lebron. Wade, after coming on national TV making public declarations about how he was now the "captain" and the team's "leader", failed his team when they needed him most also. He only effectively closed out 1 game in the finals, and that was game 3. After being great during the first 47 minutes of game 4 he chokes in the final 30 seconds of a one possession game. He misses a game tying free throw and then fumbles a routine inbound pass almost creating a turnover forcing Mike Miller into a tough shot on the final play of again, a one possession game. Then in the final, do- or- die game 6, the Heat's self proclaimed leader has by far his worst game of the series scoring only 17pts on 37.5% shooting.

The OP is correct. Despite the inexplicably horrid performance of Lebron, Wade has been vastly let off the hook. Wade's reputation of being clutch and able to "carry" a team is riding almost solely off a questionably officiated Finals that happened half a decade ago. In this season's Finals we saw the same Wade who hadn't gotten out of the first round since then. In the series that he has been eliminated in since '06, he has been known to often have a few dominating games early, only to almost invariably in the close out game proceed to have his worst shooting performance of the entire series. Go check the box scores. It happened in '07, 10, and again this year. His team missed the '08 playoffs because of injuries. In '09 his game 7 was his 3rd worst shooting performances of that series against the Hawks.

Good post. Man, I've even been doubting my own memories of watching the Finals with how many people have been hyping up Wade's performance.
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