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Default Re: Lakers Offseason

Originally Posted by Robster89
1. Gasol for Josh Smith (3rd team would need to be involved or another piece to Lakers. ATL needs to move Josh, and Gasol would be a great fit next to Horford. Lakers need youth, defense and athleticism.)

2. McRoberts/Blake/Cash/Pick for Ariza (we need a quick, athletic, young 3. Hornets want to move him, and this trade makes financial sense for them.)
Amnesty MWP.

3. If it became available, Bynum for Howard (J. Smith would help draw Dwight, and if it was not available, no big deal, stick with Drew, but DH plays D every night, and is better in transition, so would fit this team better.)

4. Resign Sessions, Barnes, and Hill.

5. Sign Kirk Hinrich with the mini MLE.

1. Sessions (age 26)
2. Kobe (still the man)
3. Ariza (age 26)
4. J Smith (age 26)
5. Howard or Bynum (age 26 or 24)


Hinrich (can play the 1 or 2)
Barnes (can play the 2 or 3)
Hill (can play the 4 or 5)

Great D, awesome in transition, Kobe and Drew/Dwight when in the halfcourt. The new NBA.
We need to get younger and more athletic.
This gives us premium defenders at every position (except Sessions, but with Hinrich off the bench).
And this team would have about an 80 mil payroll, much lower than the current situation.

why not Gasol/ebanks for Josh Smith/Marvin Williams(Ariza type contract but upside)/1st rounder?

I would do that..maybe get hinrich can also be added to that deal

NOH is not going to take our crap of mcrib/blake and add salary with new owner

I would prefer to get beasley with mini mle...instead of hinrich

barnes can go....2 playoffs in a row ...he is injured and pathetic
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