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Default Re: Lakers Offseason

Originally Posted by Lakers_Kobe_Fan
why not Gasol/ebanks for Josh Smith/Marvin Williams(Ariza type contract but upside)/1st rounder?

I would do that..maybe get hinrich can also be added to that deal

NOH is not going to take our crap of mcrib/blake and add salary with new owner

I would prefer to get beasley with mini mle...instead of hinrich

barnes can go....2 playoffs in a row ...he is injured and pathetic

I like the J Smith MWilliams idea, and ATL wants to get rid of MWill badly. With Josh, they have to. He's in the final year of his deal and wants out. He has some power over where he goes in that he can refuse to sign an extention unless he ends up with a preferred destination (sound familiar?).

As far as Ariza, it's a numbers game. He is owed 16 mil over the next 2 years. McBob abd Blake are owed 11 combined. Add 3 mil in cash to a struggling franchise, and a first rounder, and I think they do it in a heartbeat. McBob makes 3 mil in the final year of his deal, and he'd make their rotation. Blake could be bought out for further savings.
Ariza didn't even get off the bench for their final 10 games. The got Gordon and Aminu in the CP3 deal, and both are wings. They are going with a youth movement, so Ariza is on the outside looking in. With the financial savings, it makes sense to move him.

I don't think you get Beas with the MMLE.
I like Hinrich because he plays D (and Sessions does not).
Also, Hinrich can play the 1 or the 2.

Imagine the D we'd have:
Dwight- Best at his position
JSmith- Best at his position (defender, I mean)
Ariza- One of the best at his position
Kobe- Still a great defender at times.

Hinrich, Barnes (or Ebanks) and Hill, all excellent defenders off the bench.

This team would score at will in transition, be very difficult to score on, matchup with the athletic teams like Thunder, Clippers, Bulls, Heat (even the Spurs are way more athletic than our current roster).

And when you need to play slowdown halfcourt, you have Kobe, Dwight or Drew, JSmith who uses his athleticism to get his own shot, and good 3 point shooters like Ariza, Barnes, Sessions, Hinrich.

And, we'd be young with 4 starters 26 or younger.

I'd fill out the roster with Morris, GLok, Eyenga, a young 4 who can spread the floor, and a young 5 (we have 2 2nd rounders I think).
Let this 5 play together every day in practice against the first team, and develope roll players who may challenge for PT and perhaps contribute in the future.

But one thing is for certain, we need changes.
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