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Originally Posted by Shade8780
I've been going wayy back and playing my old WWE games. Started Smackdown! Shut Your Mouth season mode with Booker T a few weeks ago and even though I started off slow, I'm ****ing addicted now. There's two years in it, but I've been going through months per day recently. Just got to Wrestlemania in 2003 and have one year left to go. I plan to play the rest of the season modes in the other games when I'm done.

64 had the best Wrestling games.

No Mercy, Wrestlemania 2000, WCW vs NWO Revenge, WCW vs NWO World Tour, and WCW Nitro.

That was all my shit. Back when I gave wrestling a second of my time. I think it was Wrestlemania 2000 was the one with a create a wrestler mode. GOAT wrestling game.

Made me want to find some of my old video games.

One box. Missing a lot of games and some handheld stuff. Also the consoles... They're somewhere.

Found the Gameboy, GBC, and GBA. Lot of random games in mint because of those thick individual game plastic containers. A bunch from Japan since I had an uncle there who would just send me and my brother video games all the time. Would try to find how much some of them are worth, but damn if I'm not lazy. Guessing some of these old Gameboy Pokemon games are worth something.

Damn some of these games were expensive as ****. All my boxes still have the original price tags on them. GoldenEye was 76.99??

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