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Gary Payton made Michael Jordan look mortal in the 1996 Finals.

Payton really did have it all, apart from a consistent 3-point shot.

But like somebody else said, these players offer different things to a team.

Say both of these guys are in their prime right now and I'm given the option of signing one, both of them are at the same price, for a couple of different scenarios:
Atlanta- I pick Kidd. They have a bunch of talented athletic players that could really benefit from Kidd's passing game. Imagine Josh Smith on the break with Kidd. Payton would try and be more of a scorer o nthis team.

Houston- I pick Payton. They need more of a half court point guard, that has a somewhat reliable jumper. A point guard that is an option on offense, who can fill in easily as the 3rd scorer.
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