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Originally Posted by Real Men Wear Green
He had a career average of almost 3 per game. PGs are generally not looked to for boards anyway but 3 isn't a bad number. Strength-wise, he was always in great shape (that's how he played for 19 seasons) and I didn't see any pgs pushing him around. And athleticism? He didn't throw down dunks but he was as fast as most guys he faced, had good endurance, and was an excellent defender, which would be tough if he were really unathletic. These criticism seem completely invalid.
How is 2.7rpg in 32min for a career NOT BELOW AVERAGE...

Name me some other PGs that have a rpg that low...

3.5 should be average for that...

I mean seriosly, you cal 2.7rpg average even for a PG?


Its below average...
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