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Default Re: If you could add 1 current player to your favorite team

Originally Posted by Carbine
Who cares what dumb Colts fans would say? I just put it in the easiest way possible for you to understand why Revis isn't a great fit for our team when you consider we could get KW instead.

KW is born to play in our defense. Revis is not.
This is just going to have to be another disagreement between us I guess, lol.

no big deal...we do that, me and you...

I believe Revis is a GREAT fit anywhere...

I get that you don't believe the rest of your DBs could handle man coverage and that you don't think you have a decent pass rush, but IMO Revis would make everyone else look like studs (see the NY Jets) not scrubs...

I don't think your pick of K-Will is bad at be clear...well thought out
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