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Originally Posted by IceMan2
Like I said...

Get to Calculus 1st...Or get more math knowledge...It is tough to teach a 1st grader algebra, that is the case here...IT is tough to teach you advanced math as well...

Like you said 1-0.9r has NO VALUE...Because there isn't anything between them...

maybe this will help...

Look at it even another way

Its not just .4 repeating, or 0.5r that there are problems with or are messed up...Its just the 0.9r, not other repeating numbers

Look at it this way
you can get 0.4r = 4/9

Or any other repeating number 1/11 = 0.09r


You can get ANY repeating number...But, 0.9r...

And the only way to represent 0.9r is 9/9....or 1

If not tell me a fraction form of 0.9r...All the other repeating numbers have it, what is it for 0.9r?

But like I need more years of math
Ive had calc 2 and you still arent answering this right. For the purpose of solving problems you CAN subsitute the two because your degree of error is so miniscule that it doesnt matter and 9/9 is not .9r there is NO fraction that represents .9 repeating unless you want to call 9repeating over 10with the 0s repeating a fraction. Even though you can substitute the two in order to solve problems because they are so close, they are not perfectly equivalent and you
should know this its not that hard.

Edit- you made the wikipedia entry yourself didnt you? Wikipedia is NEVER a valid source.
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