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Default Re: Rate the last movie you watched.

Excellent. He goes after the 3 major religions and the silly, unexplainable things people believe and do for them without ever questioning why. He also gives Scientology a kick to the nuts (which is why I'm guessing it wasn't at least nominated for an Oscar.)

Even if you completely disagree with him I think it is very much worth watching.


For hardcore Bruce fans only. Man, this had a great premise but the writing and actors are so painfully bad it even brings down the greatness of Bruce. He looks like he just doesn't give a damn and did this for the quick pay check. There are some nice funny parts and it starts off with some promise to be a great cheesy B movie spoof but it just completely falls apart b/c of the sheer stupidity of the script and extremely low production values. Without Bruce this would be worse than Bloody Murder (and since I doubt hardly anyone has seen that, I'll let you know that is a pretty big diss in my book). There is also a pretty offensive Asian caricature in there played by white man Ted Raimi.


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