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Default Re: Rate the last movie you watched.

Originally Posted by johndeeregreen
I knew you'd see it my way.

Oh, BTW, eat shit and die, you ignorant cocksucker.

Oh brilliant.

It makes no sense to analyze a movie you haven't seen.

If you've only seen the commercials, say that the commericals look bad, or something.

It makes sense to bash and obvious cheaply made movie (I don't think they even had enough cash to hire real actors) with bad acting. It's funny that people say I shouldn't bash it before I see it, yet I picked the cheap bad acting from the trailer.

People just want to hang onto an image of an obviously past his prime old movie star. I'll decide what view I want to have of a movie and for what reason.

When I see this movie and the same things I'm saying ends up popping up and I come back and let you know. Maybe people will get it. No, then you will just claim that I had already made up my mind before seeing it and is unwilling to change his opinions.

Clint's recent movies have been manipulative in a cheap way. I sense that will be at play here also. That's what has been catching people with his movies this decade. Then they see through them. Although Million Dollar Baby isn't really terrible, it's basically a lifetime channel movie with it's exaggerated villain mom and all.

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