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Default Re: Be Thankful! Not everyone is against signing with us.

it's good to hear a FA be willing to say something like this. no guarantee that it's not hot air, but at least he doesn't sound like an arrogant, selfish prick... ala dwayne wade.

Imagine if LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh decided to take pay cuts from their max contracts and all signed with the same team and spent the next five years trying to win as many championships as they could.

Not going to happen, Wade said.

Not because he doesn't think it couldn't. But because he's not willing to take a pay cut.

When I presented the option to him recently, he laughed for about five seconds before answering.

"I ain't heard that. I ain't heard that. My first time hearing that one," Wade snickered. "I got two kids, man, I got to think of them.
I ain't never thought of that one. But I'm cool on that right now."
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