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Originally Posted by IGOTGAME do you do this? would it work on a tablet?
Yes. You'd have to have a blu-ray ripping program that will rip the blu-ray to your hard-drive, then you have to have a program that will convert that ripped blu-ray into a playable digital video (I like Handbrake for this). After you convert it, you'd have to transfer it from your hard-drive to your tablet.

As far as I know the best blu-ray ripping program is has the latest updates for breaking copyrights on DVDs/blu-rays, but the program is to rip anything higher than a DVD you have to have a license key for it, as far as I know there's no way to crack/register it and have it rip blu-ray, which means you have to actually pay for the program straight up. i can use it for free because in trial mode it'll rip DVDs, and there's a program that will reset the 21 day trial if it runs out.
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