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Default Re: NBA 2K13 'GENERAL' Discussion

played a quick game as the clippers against the rockets, just thought i'd dump some thoughts out

- chris paul is really good. didn't get too many assists with him but his crossovers are dirty and driving ability is fantastic. free throw is a pain though, really weird release

- the amount of putbacks deandre jordan and blake griffin get for you seems unfair.

- bledsoe is really good. his shot is good although i find at the very peak of it because of his height it can be easy to block. but his speed and handles are so dirty, would love to have him on an association team.

- kevin martin jacks shots, especially 3's, like nobodies business.

- this game still has some collision issues, primarily on the fast break. i think this is something that will annoy me for this games duration.

- jamal crawford is still so good in this game. his crossover set is ridiculously deadly, and this is the best 2k game for crosses/driving so he's even better.

- i cannot get a hang of the post moves now, they're awful! i dont really bother because i cant do anything aside from a basic turnaround jumper. whenver i try to do some moves it wont let me release the shot...
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