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Default Re: phil jackson is overrated as a coach. but as a motivator hes the best.

Originally Posted by kennethgriffin
lets be honest. he doesnt do a whole lot on the sidelines. he rarely calls time outs. he runs an offensive system that is self dictated by the players and apposing defense. its a reactionary offense. meaning theres nothing the coach does except say "run the offense tex winter created"

this never would have worked with average players. he never would have won anything without legendary guys like kobe or jordan etc..

what phil is good at is bringing big egos together out of respect. and motivating those who don't always have a will to win out of respect.

being a coach is more than just x's and o's. its about getting the players to believe in a system.

doc rivers is a classic example of this. hes a leader. mike brown isnt. he lost the team long before he was fired.

IMO the greatest coach's of all time are the ones that make bad players into solid contributes. and average teams into playoff teams. or a collection of guys who are underdogs taking out much tougher opponents.

if phil gets hired the coach will be the same guy who ran the team for the past decade.

kobe bryant

only difference is with phil... others will finally show some effort and toughness.

kobe = coach

phil = inspiration
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