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Default Re: Has Romney ever stuck to one position on any given issue?

Originally Posted by bmulls
Did Obama fulfill any of the promises he made in 2008?

Troops still in Afghanistan. Social security still fcked. Unemployment still rampant. Economy still in the shitter.

Seriously Democrats, why do you support a guy who didn't do any of the things he promised to do 4 years ago? He fooled you once, shame on him. He's about to fool you twice.

He always talked about getting combat troops out of Iraq. I don't recall him ever saying he was going to get them out of Afghanistan.

and if you want a promise he made that he kept, Osama is dead and we did it without the help of Pakistan. He said if we knew he was hiding out and the country he was in wouldnt help us, we would go in and do it ourselves if they liked it or not.
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