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Default Re: Deadspin: Manti Teos Dead Girlfriend is a hoax

Originally Posted by heyhey
how about you stop being so narrow minded and judgmental. The nuances of relationships are complex and for you to question the depth of his feeling based on the circumstances of their relatiionship is flippant. People develop intense attachment to people they see on tv and don't even know, is it really that hard to imagine that a sheltered naive kid can possess real feelings for someone who spent hours talking to him on the phone with the deliberate intention of making him fall in love with her? what people value in relationships are completely idyosyncratic and it is entirely possible to have meaningful and fulfilling relationships based on spoken word as opposed to physical intimacy.

there has been enduring relationships built on letters never mind phone conversations.

Moreover all he had to do was to believe she was a person and have feelings for her. Upon hearing news of her DEATH, grief takes over and magnifies the importance of the deceased. It's a natural reaction to death of acquaintances and friends or family, we elevate their significance to us in order to honor and cherish their passing. In essence we conflate grief with love.

and really how much of our own feelings and emotion would stand up to this cross examination scrutiny you are putting him through?

bull-****ing-shit dude

you dont skip out on meeting "the love of your life" in person when she is in the hospital for injuries from a car wreck and leukemia b/c daddy says lets go on vacation instead.
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