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Default Re: Heat almost troll the fukk outta the Nets Lol

Originally Posted by Trentknicks
Before you get too big for your boots remember a few things:

- Its been 2 games
- The Nets haven't been better than the Knicks for 5 years based on any criteria other than potential
- It's too early in the season for you guys to be injured, no doubt that will come
- The Heat in the 10 minutes they were engaged clearly showed what they will make of the Nets

Was it the fact that the Heat were engaged, or the fact that they hit a couple lucky 3s. The Nets weren't anywhere close to full strength and you could tell by watching that they were in control for the entire game. Nets are better than the Knicks, just accept it.

The Knicks have been a non-factor in this league for more than a decade. The only people that think they are better than the Nets are hater ass Knicks fans.

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