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Originally Posted by Carbine
Bogut is a nice part to a team, but I don't think he's ever the franchise player those other players are/will be, you know?
We both agree that Bogut won't be a true franchise player - I'm just not sure if I think Bosh is one.

Howard and Yao to me are or will be capable of leading average teams to the playoffs. Bosh has never been to the playoffs, even though the East hasn't been at full strentgh during his three years in the league.

My prediction for Bogut is that he'll be a many-times all star - maybe five, six times, and he'll put up good stats throughout his career on good teams (hopefully the Bucks!). He won't carry a team, but he hopefully won't have to. The Bucks are Redd's team, not Bogut's.

Because this is Redd's team, I haven't really been comparing Bogut to Bosh, who has to lead a team himself. I'm comparing Bogut and CV to the teammates that Arenas, Wade, Kobe, Pierce, Lebron have, and saying that while Redd may not be as complete a player as those guys, he seems to have more help.

As Bogut and Charlie continue to evolve, Redd will have less and less attention on him from the defense. He'll be playing 1v1 like the other stars wish they could. If our two young stars can learn to block some shots and contribute on D, we'll be a very solid team.
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