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Default Re: Anyone else believe the Pacers could beat the Heat in a playoff series?

Originally Posted by Foster5k

In what fantasy world, are the Pacers equal to the Miami Heat? Pacers have a losing road record for a reason. This team is inconsistent and still lacks a star player to carry them in the playoffs. Heat still have the best player in the world, Lebron James. Now, they have a healthier Wade. People forget that Wade was basically playing at 60% in last year's playoffs. Not to mention, Chris Bosh is back for the entire playoffs. Oh and let's not forget the addition of Ray Allen.

So, like I said, in what fantasy are the Pacers equal to the Miami Heat? Pacers need to worry about Danny Granger getting back into the offense and trying to find a real star type player. Paul George is good, but he can't carry this team as their number 1 option.

Current Heat would smoke these guys in a 7 game series. 4 game sweep or 5 game massacre.
Nice way to just take something and completely run with it...So because a team has a 50/50 shot means the teams are equal? No, it means a team matches up well with the other....I'm not saying the Pacers will win but what I am tired of seeing people like sit there and talk about how much Miami has improved and gloss over the fact that Indiana has also improved....a have someone to protect the rim now when Hibbert goes out which they DID NOT have last year...When Hibbert when to the bench, it was layup city for Miami. Paul George is twice the player he was last year...Lance stephenson has emerged as an important role player and David west who was NOT 100% last year is fully healed from his ACL injury. Now I've acknowledge what Miami and Indiana do well but some people are going to sit here and just prop up the Heat based on what they did LAST year and not even off of what they're doing this year, and act like the rest of the NBA doesnt exist, well then lets just cancel the rest of the season, give Miami the rings, and close the forums...
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