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Default Re: bulls f'ed up bad letting gordon go and keeping kirk

Originally Posted by Undisputed
It's a horrendous comparison, tamaraw. Stop it. Rose, Salmons, Noah, and Miller combined doesn't equal the impact of either Paul Pierce or Ray Allen. Those guys are superstar go to guys and future first ballot hall of famers who were coming off a championship run. What has Rose, Deng, Salmons, Noah, and Miller ever done? Miller is way past his prime(no championships), Noah is just now starting to improve, Lindsey Hunter is getting playing time, a skinny rookie as the starting power forward, and Rose looking confused and struggling....that's not a winning formula.

Kevin Garnett is the Celtics team leader defensively, but Boston still had two go to all-star scorers when he got injured compared to the Bulls ZERO all-star scorers this year. The Celtics still had role players that won a championship compared to the Bulls inexperienced roster. The Bulls have a bunch of guys just trying to make a name for themselves or are only half of what they used to be. A KG-less Celtics team is still 10x stronger than this season's Bulls minus Tyrus and Kirk.

I've been taking into consideration that the system may be flawed, but the disorganization we're seeing is a direct result to having little depth due to injury, guys playing out of position, and having a rookie power forward starting.

Garnett is the Celtics team leader defensively, I agree, but their defense didn't exactly crumble did it?
What about the Bucks withouth Redd? they have a better record than the Bulls, or you don't think Redd is their leader? or unless you think they have 2 HOFs in the lineup too.
What about the Pistons Rip Hamilton and Tayshaun Prince, these guys don't really matter? Bec. they have a better record than the Bulls right now.
What about Orlando when they lost Rashard Lewis to a 10 game suspension?
Or when they beat Atlanta on the road without Howard in the playoffs?
Kirk is playing as a BACK UP pt guard, while most of us bemoaned the decision making ability of TT.
Injuries is part of the game, every team deal with it at some point of the season.
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