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Default Re: Welcome Jermaine O'neal!!

Originally Posted by new noise
As offseason moves go, Colangelo bringing in JO was clearly the most high risk/high reward, and it took some balls.

At the end of the day, getting O'Neal in exchange for a slightly above-average point guard and Rasho's expiring contract might turn out to be a gigantic bargain.

Even with Boston having Garnett and Elton Brand joining the Sixers (I think we can prepare ourselves right now for a nice battle vs Philly in the first round), I still genuinely feel like a healthy Bosh and JO can be by far the best frontcourt in the conference, probably the league. I want to see it work out the way it can, and I'm keeping the faith that it will.
I'm just happy we actually pose a significant threat in the playoffs this year. I'm tired of us going into a series as the underdog regardless of our regular season record and who we face.
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