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Here are some differences between the two:

Juwan Howard is more of a physical banger. His game consists mostly of jumpers and post-ups. Worthy is more of a fluid player; his game consists mostly of slashes to the basket for scoop shots, floaters, and the occasional dunk.

Worthy had an incredible economy of motion in his game - by which I mean he never wasted a move, which made him seem even quicker than he was (and he was darn quick). Worthy was big enough to play power forward on the Lakers' "greyhound" team but quick enough to slide down to shooting guard when the situation warranted it (e.g., 1989 Finals vs. Detroit when Magic and Byron were both hurt).

James was capable of taking over a game on his own, and was regularly asked to do so with the Lakers because he was such a matchup nightmare (he overpowered quick guys and out-quicked big guys). Juwan was not capable of single-handedly taking over.

As mentioned, Juwan put up most of his numbers as the #1 or maybe #2 option on some bad teams. Worthy put up his numbers as the #3 option (behind Kareem and Magic) on some championship-caliber clubs. So while the production was the same, the circumstances - and the way they produced - were vastly different. Juwan is a classic banger/jumpshooter - a slightly undersized PF, while Worthy is a classic slasher/finisher who had power around the hoop... a SF in a PF's body.

It's not that Juwan is a BAD player... he's a slightly above-average PF who amassed big numbers in big minutes. Nobody ever worried about Juwan Howard killing their team though.

James Worthy was a Hall of Fame player whose numbers are depressed because he (a) gave up some of his numbers for the team and (b) the Laker starters usually sat 4th quarters in their heyday because they were up by 20 points already... and people DID try to stop James Worthy (of course in doing so, it usually opened things up for Kareem or Magic to kill them). Remember, he does have a Finals MVP to his name (1988).

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