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Default Re: New details on Greg Hardy domestic abuse

Originally Posted by niko
The person in the wrong here is the Cowboys ownership. They think his pass rush outweighs the distraction he is bringing despite the fact they've lost every game he's played. As much as the turnover helped last week, the defense completed folded when they needed a play.

The Cowboys took a chance, it's blowing up, when Romo comes back they will literally have no margin of error and they can win without him. Why they insist of keeping him is beyond me.

I'm waiting for the Cowboys fans to argue his huge value despite again the fact they lost EVERY game he's played in.

Yeah, that has absolutely nothing to do with Dez Bryant and Tony Romo being injured though right?

He has been a dominant force for you guys.
If you want to evaluate him, than evaluate your defense.

You guys have scored 58 points in the last 4 games.
You're averaging 14.5 PPG.

The defense gave up 13 points to Philaldephia last week and you guys still lost. I think you're being unfair to Hardy here.
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