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Default Re: New details on Greg Hardy domestic abuse

I don't think his addition is worth the headache. If you were winning i'd rethink but you're not. He's going to cost you a game at some point, he's not in control. You're naive if you think that doesn't filter down. Undisciplined teams make mistakes at bad times and lose games. It's amazing Cowboys fans don't realize that when that's like your motto.

JJ Watt isn't disruptive. Hardy has been, even with your Tony Romo brand glasses on he's been. You just compared Hardy to Watt. YOu shouldn't be allowed to watch football for a week. Dez, who to him screaming and yelling and being nuts is normal, yelled at Hardy to calm down.

Cowboys are leaking they weren't shown the photos prior. I guess they can't read either.
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