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Default Re: How did Shaun Alexander make the All-Decade Team?

Originally Posted by GOBB
Probably weighed in the actual team defense and felt Zach was a big part of why they were among the best.

That doesn't make much sense either. You can put that much stock into team stats, and besides, Jason Taylor is also on that list. Thomas played on 7 top 10 defenses and Fletcher played on 6. Fletcher played for a top 10 defense on 3 different teams. I think Peter King got it right by putting Fletcher on his All-Decade team.

Jamal was a big part of the Ravens offense and Clinton Portis benefitting from Denvers "OL" are 2 things that may have played a part. Only things i can think of. i'm taking Portis over Jamal Lewis myself without hesistation. Jamal did rush for over 2000yds. Add that to the list of reasons why. Eh

Portis only played in Denver for 2 seasons. The only thing I can think is that Lewis has been more durable, and played from '00-'09 while Portis has been less durable and only played from '02-09. Lewis did go over 2,000 yards but that was due to 2 huge games against the Browns combining for 500 rushing yards in those 2 games.
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