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Default Re: Any good torrent sites left?

Originally Posted by YAWN
ah that would reflect poorly on you if i didn't right?

I can't take on that responsibility hah. I usually just hop on, download the torrent, open Vuze while its downloading, and then I shut it down.

Not only would that reflect poorly on me, but it also would be detrimental to the community that I appreciate.

That kind of behavior is fine and goes unnoticed on Pirate Bay because they've got up to 5000 seeders for a TV episode. However, on one of the private trackers you'll be lucky to get 20-30 seeders on a 12-gig 1080p Hi-Def movie, so every last person helps keep the site alive and in use.

Its too bad you're unwilling to contribute back, because I'll get at least 1 MB/sec on very reputable, high-quality video.
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