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Default Re: Basketball Experts; Rate my game

i'd never teach any of the kids i coach to shoot like that, but your shot is actually pretty decent. you don't look too athletic so im guessing you rely on your craftiness more. Maybe it's why you shoot like that in the first place? To get your shot off easier? I know it sucks to try and block someone who kicks their leg out, sometimes you get nailed in the shin or knee lol

try and have a more repetitive shootaround. I only watched like 2 mins so i dont know if you did this already but try doing this like pivot and drive to the basket to the right like 10 times. and then you do the same drive but with a counter as if the help came over. and then you do the same thing but going the opposite direction (from the same side of the court though). after you do that you can switch the side of the court you're on and do it again. then you can do pullups.

i usually do that and then do full court simulations like grab the rebound and then pushing the ball and taking pullups or whatever you want to work on in general.

overall you're a good player. maybe not lebron but youre not gonna stick up any runs at the pickup courts thats for sure
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