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Default Re: Weekly Gambling Spreads.

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
I have read several places that Giants have looked like poo-poo during the preseason...

my gut is telling me that Dallas will roll them in Jerry World...they are due to end that 4 game streak anyway

that might be the homer in me though...but if I had to bet on one of these games I think I would take Dallas -3
I'd bet Dallas too but that's not a good game to bet. You are betting against a whole bunch of trends ending and you have injury issues. Still i'd take Dallas -3 but can't you see Dallas winning 35-18 and the Giants getting a couple of late score to bring to 35-33? Something like that?

I never bet on my team, think about last year when you told us all Dallas would roll Seattle in Seattle. 100% no doubt, Cowboys were going to have fried Seahawks for dinner. We all have those thoughts about our teams.
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