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Originally Posted by ShannonElements
But who knows. We didn't used to think that creatures could live in the deep sea due to the extreme submarine-crushing water pressure, but sh1t lives down there, so you never know.

I guess that's what I'm saying, but I guess I didn't type out the complete thought. We just don't know ANYTHING about what lies beyond where we can actually go. As crazy as it sounds, there may be parts of the universe where some wrinkle let's you travel back in time. Who are we to say it's not possible? So along the same line of thinking, creatures on another planet could be made up of matter that we don't even have here...something that could withstand pressure unlike anything we've ever experienced. It really does leave me speechless sometimes when I just stop and imagine the possibilities that are out there. It's equally exciting and depressing, because I want to know what's out there but I know I never will.

So in conclusion, it's quite possible that an alien space giant could carry our entire solar system in one of his seven nvtsacks

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