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Default Re: worst 2k8 starting lineup ever?

Originally Posted by Los Angeles
Ryan Brown (91) - Drafted 24th his 2nd year
Kobe Bryant (94)
Shane Battier (78)
Al Jefferson (88)
Gord McQueen (95) - Drafted 10th his 3rd year

My bench has G.Green, M.Ellis, Moon, and a couple of 2nd round picks.
I'm in my 4th season, made it to the finals twice...lost both times in game 6. But I simulate like 3-4 games every series.

Andrew Bynum is 93 on the Knicks lol, my team is far and away the best out of anyone...I'm winning the championship this year, I'm 34-2 so far on the year.

I pick my players wisely eh. :)

my bench is horrible I got 2 drafted players from the nba draft and on the first year I made it to the finals and my bench is that sieng hui ha guy or whatever and jeff foster
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