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Default Re: Teams with cap space in 09

Originally Posted by bluerap
You think Triano has earned another season?

Probably not but it only takes a 5-6 game winning streak until he does.

Originally Posted by bluerap
According to BC (and Wikipedia) we WILL have the MLE. Though the NBA salary stuff is so complicated I wouldn't be totally shocked if BC were confused.

But I do think he is correct. If we resign Marion, Parker, Delfinoand/or Graham we will have the MLE.

I think our lineup will be

PG Jose/ Roko/ Banks
SG Delfino/Parker
SF Marion/ Kapono
PF Bosh/ Hump
C Bargs/ Jawai

plus Rasho (or a Rasho type player for the bi-annual)
an MLE guy (maybe we can get ben gordon for this price, or jamal crawford) and maybe (though I doubt it) they bring Graham back.

That would be a pretty good lineup if Marion is in good form.

Re-up Delfino Graham
MLE a solid role player
plus a high draft pick two guard and this team should TANK!!

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