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Default Re: Lucky High School kid.

Originally Posted by ~primetime~
You are 24 years old, and you are completely and hopelessly in the point that it is scary...

That's what I feel love is all about my friend. If you're not all into it, it's not worth it.

Originally Posted by ~primetime~
What would you do if you caught your wife with another man?

Try to work it out. I don't want to be another satistic. And people can change even though majority of the time that doesn't happen, but she's my wife and we have a child together. So I'm at least willing to give a second chance.

Originally Posted by ~primetime~
What would you do if she suddenly had a 'change of heart"???

Like I said. Try to work it out. If it cannot be worked out, I cannot control what another human being does with their life. So in saying I would have to move on with my life and try to put my daughter in the best situation possible between us.

Originally Posted by ~primetime~
let me tell you, at the age of 24, and in the year 2009...THAT IS EXPTREMLEY COMMON!!!

yes you have a kid, and I suppose that there is a chance you could both go on to live together till you both die...for better or for worse...


I am honestly a little worried that you are putting yourself in some sort of suicidal situation...

I am not saying that you should start screwing other women...or even thinking about it...

but after being through multiple relationships that lasted years myself, I would tell you that you should prepare yourself mentaly for the the event that it happens...

women are strange creatures...their mentality is something that is impossible to comprehend...and no matter how madly in love she can seem right now, that can easily change for her 2 years from now...

just sayin seem like the type that would literally go wacko if you lost your wife, and it certainly isn't out of the question that it could happen...I don't want to see that happen to you...

and again, no offense here, just trying to give you advice...

I'm not offended at all. And I pretty much agree with you. But it's not like it's not possible two people can't end up old together. I have people that are in my family that have been together 30, 40, almost 50 years and they still love each other.

If you're looking for love or wanting it, but yet you're playing it safe and you're not willing to risk anything or everything, then you don't deserve the love you want. You have to risk it all. This is how I feel about the subject. And I've explained to my wife that there will ALWAYS be people out there that can make you laugh more, make you more happy, etc...but the point of being in love isn't looking for the best of's about being satisfied with what you have...nothing more, nothing less. Just the perfect combination. I've done this for the past 2 1/2 years and it's turned out freakin' great for me. I've never been happier in my life ever.

Thank you for your opinion.

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