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Default Re: Knicks Summer League

Originally Posted by Rameek
I was a little disappointed they couldnt really slow down Zeller.

Every time I watch these games even though I know the names it looks like YMCA runs. Looks like they pulling guys out the stands to play.

I am still waiting for a Knick player to stand out.

Well Tim Jr looked good pre injury. The kid Murry looks pretty good, although they have him at the point and I see him as a swingman. Tyler is very hit or miss. I've seen him make some nice plays and then he'll make a few bonehead moves. But then again, let's not forget he's only 22 years old.

Ironically, in arguably our best SL team in years, the SL as a whole has been awful this year. And we still haven't looked good lol I mean it's really been ugly. And they keep not showing Portland who has CJ top 3 pick for ROTY.
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