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Default Re: Gotta hand it to Eli. He's amazing.

Originally Posted by bsyde82
so basically saying anything short of effusive praise for Eli makes me a hater.

Look, I think Eli is a great QB and like I said in my previous post, he earned my respect as one in that niner game.

Do you actually disagree with anything I wrote in terms of his streak of good fortune though?

Rodney Harrison, whose analytical skills you may or may not respect (irrelevant), said something that kind of encapsulates my frustration over the Eli praise. He said this is why I'd rather have Eli than Brady in the clutch. It's just so shallow b/c he completely papers over the drops that could've completely changed the game, drops that didn't happen on the other side of the ball. If Welker makes that catch, we'd be talking about Brady as the GOAT, and any Manning talk today would primarily be about Peyton.

So those are the only 2 options? Effusive praise or lucky bonehead that made a deal with the devil?

How about Brady making bonehead plays? He had plenty of time to get rid of the ball before the safety, yet stayed in the pocket and launched it away.

How about the interception? Throwing the ball towards Gronkowski whose on 1 leg, 60 yards down the field?

That Welker drop I think was just as much on Brady as it was on Welker. That's a hard fcking catch to make when you have to spin around like that.
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