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Well in my opinion I would like to apologize to the rest of the CBB world, and acknowledge you on putting up with our team.

It was painful to watch such talent fail on the big stage. In the past, I loved how our players such as Rashmael Jones, Edmund Saunders, Caron Butler, Kevin Freeman, John Selvie, Taliek Brown, would just step up in the tournament with an unbreakable will to prove something. However, this was not the case for our rather arrogant, over their heads team.

Elite Eight sounds ok, but congratulations to GMU. I would have loved for our team to face Florida because of the matchup advantages, but you guys just proved the CBB world wrong. Unfortunately, I really can't stand the fact that a midmajor had gone that far.

Congrats UCLA, for showing that great defense vs. Mem. Amazing, honestly.
THat comeback vs. Gonzaga.
Ben Howland, a great coach, remembered him at Pitt.

Congrats Cuse for beating us. Extending Mcnamara's legacy throughout the BE tournament despite a somewhat contemptible reg season and tournament.

Congrats Illinois and Dee Brown for the point guard award. You certainly deserved it. Also the game vs. Washington was definitely a top 5 tourney game on my list. Randle has shown emergence as well and those were sick dunks.

Congrats Duke, despite mucho criticism, you still were THE regular season team (arguably us). Redick, enjoyed watching you for four years, though I hate you and Shelden, even though centers just whooped you at times, nice job on the DPOY.

Another concern of mine was how people like Ray Allen, Ben Gordon, and Rip Hamilton KNEW they were good, but they stepped up and worked hard none the less.

Rudy and Rashard, shame on you.. but hey I enjoyed watching you after a long day @ football, volleyball, basketball practice and a day of high school.

Lo siento for the hype we had on winning the tourney, but apparently the recent history of our program stepping up during March blinded some guys.

Adios, out, comment back Uconn and fans of other remarkable programs, and feel free to criticize. I'm willing to argue.
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