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Default Re: Find Out What ALBballer Thinks of You

Originally Posted by ALBballer
You're too dirty to **** without protection.

Honestly I've missed a bunch of **** on ISH lately, but I did catch your gay ass avatar, da **** was that? On the real, you seem smart but you look for drama like a 13 year old girl that had her PMS. No cousins for you.

Hey now - just 'cause you an ugly mofo don't give you the right to come at me like that. LOJ is the lady killer... but then I realized no chicks post here... so I took that ish down... WTF is wrong with me? I'm seriously losing my mind. I told you people when I post at night, sh*t gets crazy.

I'm looking for drama? 'da phuck? OK, so I am. I piss people off. Are you saying you want some?

You Eastern Euro phuck... Western civilization will consume your soul. Welcome to the gutter, my domain, the devil's playground. are you ready?
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