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Default Knicks lose 5th straight game as Linsanity fades

NY Daily News:

The clock on Jeremy Lin’s 15 minutes of fame has almost run out.

It looks to be on about 14:30 as the Knicks host the Sixers Sunday at the Garden.

It doesn’t mean that Lin is headed for the Knicks’ D-League team in Erie, Pa. But the team’s starting playmaker is showing us that Linsanity is over, as he’s struggled against better competition in recent games and with the Knicks plummeting under the .500 mark after he led them to nine wins in 12 games in his first 12 starts.

Now it’s a question of whether he can hold his own against the competition.

“He’s proven he’s an NBA player,” said one Eastern Conference GM. “But now we’re all trying to figure out what level he’s going to be at from here on out.”

Lin is not at the “superstar” rung or on the second “star” level, except maybe when it comes to all the attention he still is getting from the media. During the Knicks’ road trip this past week to Dallas and San Antonio, he had as many cameras and reporters at his locker after those two losses as Carmelo Anthony. If that isn’t crazy enough, he gets as many “State of the Knicks” questions as Anthony and Amar’e Stoudemire.

On the court, Lin’s star has fallen dramatically, as many NBA people suspected it would, once teams started to really scout him and study his game.
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